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Make Salsa, Not War

Storytelling Burritos

Sizzling Musical Feast Blends Pop, Rock & Latin Flavors

Get ready for a flavor explosion! Storytelling Burritos, the genre-blending band known for their infectious blend of pop, rock, and Latin rhythms, are back with a new album that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. "Make Salsa, Not War" is a delectable serving of catchy tunes celebrating the joys of Mexican cuisine, from tacos and guacamole to spicy salsas and more. With cleverly crafted lyrics and irresistible grooves, this album will have you craving Storytelling Burritos' unique musical flavors. Dig in and prepare for a fiesta in your ears!

Make Salsa, Not War

5 tracks / 3:50

  1. 1:38
  2. 0:33
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  • Photo Storytelling Burritos Unplugged
  • Photo Live at the International Taco Festival